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How To Wash Reusable Period Pads


After each use, rinse your pads with cold water. Rinse the pads until most of the absorbed blood has been removed. You will know that the blood has gone when the water runs clear.⁠ ⁠ It is important that you do NOT use hot water for neither rinsing nor soaking. Hot water “sets” the blood and the stains are then nearly impossible to remove.⁠

DO NOT use fabric softeners as they will affect the absorbency of your pads or pants.
DO NOT use bleach or stain removers in order to avoid exposing your pads to chemical substances.⁠
DO NOT wring out your pads. This could lead to the pad losing its original shape. If you need to dry them further, wrap them in a towel and apply pressure to draw out the excess water.⁠

Try washing your pads with other clothes. This will make your load more eco-friendly and, at the same time, the items will rub against each other allowing for a more effective wash.⁠

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