How many pads will I need?

This will be different for everyone as everyones period is unique! Depending on your flow and the amount of days your period lasts.⁠

We recommend having about 6 to 12 regular day pads, 1 to 3 heavy night pads, and 3 to 6 light pads/pantyliners, however it all depends on your flow and how often you’ll wash them.⁠

On your next period, try and make a note of how many pads you use, and take that as a guide.⁠

Don’t forget, you don’t have to jump straight into using cloth full time, gradually building up your collection of cloth pads (and confidence in using them) is fine!

How often do I need to change my pad

Our pads are much more absorbent than disposable options, however, how often you change your pads is totally up to you.

On heavier days you may find you need to change more often.

Pad Slipping

Pad slippage is mostly caused by the type of underwear you have on. Cloth pads are made from fabric which is a bit heavier than disposable pads, its also what makes them so soft and comfy! However, this bit of extra weight means that if you have underwear a little on the loose side, the cloth pad won’t sit right up against you.

Try wearing your cloth pads with well-fitting undies…Cotton underwear is best, as it’s not as slippy as something like nylon or polyester mix. They don’t have to be super tight, but just snugly fitting.⁠ Be wary of underpants with lacy edging too, as that edging isn’t really going to do much to hold the pad in place.

What do I do when I am out and about?

Using Cloth Pads whilst out & about or at work, needn’t be any different to using their plastic polluting cousins.⁠

But, if you’re feeling worried, we suggest you start off by wearing them around the house until you get comfortable with them, and using regular disposable pads while out.. Once you realise cloth pads are just as reliable and get into the swing of things, you can start wearing them out!⁠

We’d always recommend buying a wet bag, our Large & Small bags have 2 compartments so you can carry a clean and a soiled pad at the same time. Our small wet bags are handbag sized so are ideal for being out & about.
When it’s time to change, simply fold the top and bottom ends down toward the middle (soiled side in) and wrap the wings over and snap them closed to keep it together. ⁠
It’s as simple as that! ⁠

Can I use fabric softener?

The use of fabric softeners will clog the absorbency of your pads or pants.

Do not panic if your pads and pants slip into a wash with softener, you can get the absorbency back with a simple strip wash.

Pad Shrinkage

Fern pads are made from natural fibres so you may find a little shrinking in the first few washes. This is normal.

After each wash, whilst the pad is still damp, simply stretch the pad back to shape and air dry.

Where are your products made?

Half of our products are made by a lovely family-owned manufacturer in China, who are as passionate about the environment and people as we are. We have worked with them for over 6 years.

We have been working hard over the last 2 years to bring elements of our manufactuering to the UK and we are now proud to say that all our period pants and some of our pads are now made right here in the UK by our team of wonderfully talented seamstresses.