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We are a small but passionate team of women with the can do attitude of Godzilla on a bad hair day.

We have the shared mindset that tea and cake can put most things straight (just not the waistline).


Founder and all round brains behind the scenes. From product and print designer to sales and logistic guru.


You will often find Stacie shouting at her computer (because who doesn't these days?) or chatting to you all on social media. She handles the marketing, manages the website and packs all your wonderful orders with the loving touch they deserve.

Fern grew from the sister brand Tickle Tots, where there was already an ingrained desire to reduce our impact on the planet. Fern reusable menstrual products were the perfect step forward from reusable nappies.

The expertise Sophia had gained in this field has resulted in the production of quality washable period products that are not only gentle on the environment but kind on your skin.